Use a Recruiter to Help You Find the Ideal C Level Executive Candidate

Use a Recruiter to Help You Find the Ideal C Level Executive Candidate

A C level executive is one of the most important positions you will ever hire for.  C level executives like your CEO (chief executive officer), COO (chief operating officer), and CFO (chief financial officer) provide essential leadership and are relied on to make important decisions for the benefit of the entire organization.

Finding someone to fill these positions can be difficult because of how demanding and important they are. It isn’t just a matter of finding someone who is knowledgeable about the business, either – there are a number of soft skills that a C level executive requires in order to effectively fill the role.

But searching for a candidate that has a perfect mix of leadership skills, hands-on experience, and value alignment, takes a lot of time and work that your company may not be equipped for. If you need help filling a C level executive position then consider seeking out an executive search and recruitment professional.

The best recruitment specialists use a ‘direct-contact’ recruiting method where the position isn’t just advertised, but they will also proactively search for candidates who are the perfect fit for your available C level position.

Typically, the best candidates are already employed and are not necessarily looking for a new job. A recruiter will use a database as well as networking to contact and qualify a number of target candidates for your specific search. From there, they will typically interview 30 to 50 candidates and create a shortlist using assessment tools that have been carefully calibrated to fit your job requirements.

Essential Skills for a C Level Executive

So, what skills should you and a recruiter be on the lookout for when choosing a candidate for a C level executive position? Here’s a list of five skills and traits that you’ll want to identify in any potential candidates:

  • Leadership skills – the kind of leadership depends on the needs of your company, whether it’s inspirational, strategic, or in a traditional, take-charge sense.
  • Ability to strategize and take effective action, especially in a fast-paced environment where decisions need to be made quickly.
  • Tech – savvy with technical skills that allow the hands-on aspects of their jobs to be done effectively.
  • Team – oriented and able to build strong relationships between teams, clients, and partners.
  • Strong communication and persuasive skills, with the ability to present information in a charismatic and convincing way.
  • Innovative and change-driven, to the point of being constantly aware of improvements and advancements in the market and industry.
  • Has integrity and is reputable, as well as ethically driven in all of their decisions.

Integrity is incredibly important when seeking out new employees, especially when they are at the executive C level. In such a high position of power they will have the ability to make decisions that affect the lives of many people around them, as well as have access to sensitive company information.

If your candidate has a reputation for being ethical and trust-worthy, then you can rest easy knowing that you’ve hired the right person for the position. And having a recruiter do most of the work for you will make it even easier.

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