Useful tips to get rid of fleas in your car

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Flea in your car is something that you would never expect, but it is very likely to be there if you let your beloved dog or cat in for a ride. Fleas suck blood on your pets and they will even give you a bite which is terribly itchy and painful. This is such a discomfort that you must hurry up to address. For the scope the article, we will focus on tips to get rid of fleas specifically in your car.

Treat the source

If fleas are present in your car and you do have a furry pet, then the suspect should be the animal. Dogs or cats are common hosts of most fleas as their cozy coat makes perfect refuge place for the pest, while it can easily feed on host blood. You need to treat fleas on your pets first by combing or shampooing their body. This may take time but it is safe to apply for the animal. Patiently eradicate fleas on pet’s body until no sign of the pesky insect is noticed. If the source of fleas in the pet is not controlled, there will be no point in trying to de-flea your car and let your pet bring fleas in again.

Steam or vacuum your car

Steaming or vacuuming is simple and effective in fighting fleas. Now you have got to remove all removable stuff in your cars such as carpets, mats, blankets, or cushions. Wash them up and dry them at high temperature so that no adult fleas or flea eggs clinging to the items have a chance to survive. Vacuum the seats, floor boards, or any hidden corners that condition flea thriving. A steamer that emits steam at temperature higher than 90◦F is excellent to kill fleas. As long as the vacuuming or steaming is done, make sure you seal and remove the bag immediately to prevent any further flea infestation.

Flea spray

In case of heavy infestation, you may need to resort to flea spray which poisons fleas to death. Again, remove items in the cars and spray under seat or ground. You should wear mask and protective clothing so that the chemical will not cause you any adverse effects. The flea spray should be left in car for one to two hours before you want to air-circulate the car and clean it up.

Flea powder

There could be a variety of flea powder that you can find on the market to treat fleas. However, the non-toxic one that is highly recommended is diatomaceous earth or DE which is naturally originated from fossilized remains of aquatic creatures. DE breaks fleas shell coat and dehydrates their body if the insects contact with the poison. Human and animals would be safe if there is no continuous contact.  However, it is better if we don’t breathe in DE while trying to apply it for flea treatment. DE can be sprinkled on the car carpeting areas where fleas are most likely to be there. It will eradicate not only adult fleas, but their eggs and larvae as well.

You have been introduced with several ways to deal with a flea-infested car. All things considered, it is not a big deal to get rid of fleas. You just need to care for your pets and regularly tidy up your vehicle. Paying attention to your dog or cat and noticing any sign of flea emerging to control it early will free you of any nuisance that the insect may bring about. Besides that, you can check this website for more flea removal method. Thank you!

If you continue to have issues with fleas in your car, call an exterminator in Catalina Foothills. 

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