Valuable Tips to Score Marks in the IAS Exam

IAS Exam

It’s quite obvious to face heaps of confusions while preparing for one of the toughest examinations such as the IAS exam. Aspirants, while making the IAS preparation, often asks questions like what to study and how to study to score better marks in the final exam.

Most of the IAS aspirants come from the education fields wherein they haven’t ever thought beyond studying Science and Mathematics. Many of them don’t even know about the subjects like general knowledge and Political Science unless, and until, they come in contact with the UPSC exam pattern.

The most common query raised by most of the aspirants circulates around the success and failure associated with the UPSC exam. If you asked the experts, i.e. the top IAS coaching in Delhi, you will get to know the core of their success. It is nothing else but taking the failure as a challenge and preparing hard to beat it.

Never ever feel disheartened with the failure

While preparing for the IAS examination, it’s not necessary that you will receive success in your first attempt. When such a thing happens, you have to build up yourself and avoid feeling disheartened with the failure. Just focus on your career goal and start preparing for the next attempt. Be specific towards your learning plan and try to score average marks in at least 2-3 papers to avoid the tinge of failure.

Understanding the marks distribution system

To avoid failure and score average marks in the UPSC exam, you need to understand the marks distribution system followed by the IAS exam. Take a look at the distribution system and look for the prospective subjects wherein you can score good marks. Try to make the most of your attempt while giving the paper.

Always remember, a minor difference of 1 mark also matters in the final results. Thus, prepare rigorously and avoid silly mistakes.

Begin with a responsible aptitude

Of course, that’s the most important thing, you should do. Unless and until, you follow a responsible attitude towards your career, how can you make the most of your effort? Think before beginning the preparation. You are going to be an IAS officer, a responsible servant to the Indian Government; you have to be strict and responsible in your deeds.

If you want to see great results, follow a likely attitude first.

Common questions asked by the students

Here are some common questions which are asked by the IAS aspirants.

  • How to choose an optional subject?

A wise decision while choosing an optional subject is required before you move ahead with the IAS preparation module. Most people pick the optional subject after checking whether it will help in their GS or not. While choosing the optional, you should remember one thing; it doesn’t matter at all, if your optional subject helps you in clearing GS or not.

  • What type of questions is asked in the exam?

Most of the questions in the Civil Services Exam move around your creativity and the way you think. The questions asked in the exam focus on ‘how’ you think. The exam and the questions are designed to access the individual’s state of mind.

  • How many hours one should study in a day?

Well, that’s the most common questions asked by almost every aspirant. Every other IAS aspirant wants to know the time that shall be devoted on the preparation module on a daily basis. On an average, you should study for at least 8 hours a day. Divide your time equally to all subjects and direct your learning pattern. Always remember to make qualitative study instead of quantitative studies. It implies that focus on how you study and not how many hours you have devoted daily.

  • How coaching institutes help in studying well for the IAS exam?

Coaching institutes plays an important role in preparing the applicants for the IAS exam. The institutes provide the aspirants with the relevant study material and necessary guidance on how to prepare well for the exam. The best IAS coaching center keeps on motivating the students to do better in their attempt.

Follow up your career goal by keeping yourself mentally and physically fit

To make the most of your efforts and to achieve success in your endeavors, you have to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. You must be aware of the fact that a fit body can make you achieve whatever you want in your life. Also, if you are mentally prepared, you can easily fight with the negativity around you and move towards a bright future.

Thus, move ahead towards your career goal by employing your wits, knowledge and wisdom in the right direction. If needed, take the guidance from the experts of IAS coaching in Delhi.

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