Various Aspects of Funeral Services

Funeral Services

The death of a loved one is one the most stressful time and can cause grief and emotional turmoil. Therefore, planning a funeral can be difficult. However, it is necessary to organize a funeral ceremony to pay respect to the deceased person. Pre-planning the funeral ceremony with the help of professional funeral services can help relieve the family. The funeral service providers plan a funeral ceremony right from visitation and burial/cremation to funeral reception.

Types of Funerals

Both casketed burial and cremation services can be provided by these professionals. The family of the deceased person can choose of the service depending upon their religious beliefs and traditions. Let us have a look at both kinds of funerals.

Burial- In a burial, the body is placed in a casket and buried in the ground in a cemetery. The funeral services help in finding funeral casket and home. There are many types of caskets available ranging from cloth lined casket to eco-friendly caskets. They also come in various materials such as steel, veneered wood, solid wood, bronze and much more. Burial is prescribed in Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The body is laid to rest amidst chanting of prayers.

Cremation- Cremation is mainly for Hindus because Hinduism believes that the soul can only be liberated after the body is burned. Buddhists also cremate the bodies. However, Catholics can also opt for cremation in which the remains are buried or kept in a mausoleum. Protestant Christians can also go for cremation and scatter the ashes on the ground or bury it in a cemetery. Islam does not allow cremation. Many types of beautiful urns are provided by the funeral services to store the remains after cremation.

What Are the Various Funeral Ceremonies Conducted by Funeral Service Provider?

Visitation- Visitation is a ceremony in which the friends and relatives of the deceased come to pay their last respect. The body is kept in an open casket to allow the guests to view the deceased for the final time. The body is embalmed by the funeral services to prevent decay. The visitation ceremony either takes place a day before the funeral or immediately before the funeral.

Funeral Services

Funeral service- The funeral service takes place before the body is buried or cremated. The service takes place in the funeral home, church or at the cemetery. The funeral services consist of playing of music and reading of religious passages and prayers and singing of hymns. Traditional funeral services are elaborate affairs and the funeral service provider can be hired to organize everything perfectly.

Funeral rites- The funeral rites are specific ceremonies which are conducted at the time of burial or cremation. The ceremonies vary from religion to religion. The funeral services arrange for a priest of that particular religious denomination to which the deceased belongs in order to conduct the rites with strict adherence to the rules. This is beneficial for people who have no idea about the funeral rites but want a traditional burial according to their religious beliefs.

Funeral reception- Funeral reception can also be organized by the funeral services. Funeral reception takes place after the main funeral ceremonies are over. This is basically a get-together of friends and families to share the memories of the deceased and engage in light hearted conversations with each other. Arrangements for food can be made with music.

How much these services cost?

The cost depends upon the scale of the funeral ceremonies conducted. Grand ceremonies cost more than simple funeral ceremonies. The major costs of organizing funeral ceremonies are the embalming cost, transportation, cost of casket or urn, cost of the burial ground or the crematorium, funeral flowers and cost of other assistance.


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