Verandahs- Choosing the Right Design for Your Home

Design for Your Home

Verandahs serve a functional purpose and are also used to add value and beauty to the exterior of your home. In fact, you are more likely to spot verandahs in older homes. And if you are interested in building or getting a verandah setup from scratch, then you can just search online for “Timber verandah builders” but please remember to do your due diligence before hiring so. Check out the following tips on Verandah and what you need to consider, when building one.

The Purpose: The verandah design depends more on its actual purpose and why you need one in your residence; in fact, it is the first thing that most people would see, when they visit your home.  So, you need to spend some time planning on why you need the verandah and that should give you a clue as to what sort of design to choose; or you could always ask some of the timber verandah builders to provide you with suggestions on building a verandah that is still fashionable and yet highly functional.

Space Utilization: One of the first things that most timber verandah builders would do is to assess the space earmarked for building the verandah. The reason is simple, as with every other architectural feature, there needs to be enough space and the ventilation, which is what makes a verandah stand out from the rest of the house. So, it makes a good idea to check out the available space and see how better to utilize the same, for building that verandah.

The roof: When it comes to building a verandah, one often fails to take the roof into account; the point is that the current existing structure may not offer much leeway when it comes to choosing the roof for your verandah. You need to make sure that the verandah in question blends in with the rest of the house but there are many options to choose from. You could go for metal construction or one made of timber, trusses, rafters, skylights, infill and double-sided color roofing and much more. Make sure that you consult the professionals before choosing a particular type of roof for your verandah.

Timber Verandah

Overall design: It is always a good idea to keep the overall design simple and given how the current trend leans towards minimalism, which should fit right in. You can go for flat, curved or gable structure and as long as it matches with the rest of your home, it should be perfect. And of course, do ask for second opinions as they can help you decide the perfect design for your verandah.

Cost: Well, when it comes to timber verandah builders they can be expensive, so you may want to opt for the least expensive design and that would be the flat as opposed to both gable and curved verandahs, which can be quite expensive. Make sure that you check out the various builders, and even compare the cost and choose the one that provides you with premium construction services at attractive rates.

These are some of the things that you would want to consider and review these tips closely before you hire someone to build a verandah. Remember the Golden rule; it needs to match up with the rest of your home. Also, make sure that you do your due diligence on the builders before you hire them to build a verandah in your house. It all comes down to your choice and requirements but whatever design you opt for, please remember that the verandah in question must be well ventilated.


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