Vital Information Regarding the Installation of Engineered Parquet Flooring

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The word ‘parquet’ means the flooring made of many wooden blocks joined together in a definite pattern. Actually, this word is taken from the French word ‘parqueterie’ and this type of flooring was started back at some time in the 17th century, in Versailles and Grand Trianon. It is not the work of an untrained person to create such well planned engineered parquet flooring and can be done only by the experienced professionals of this field. Initially, it was started as an easier alternative of the marble floor, as it is much cheaper and demands lesser maintenance. However, this type of flooring gained popularity with time and now it is widely seen in all the European countries.

Parquet Flooring

Attractive Qualities Seen in The Engineered Parquet Flooring:

  • In modern times, the engineered parquet flooring is made from the small blocks or strips of woods that are carefully attached to each other to form a geometric pattern. Generally, the wood pieces are arranged in the shapes of triangles, squares and diamond. Sometimes, the designs of stars, sun, herringbone, and Chevron are also created as per the demand of the fashionable house owners.
  • As this type of floor is made of engineered wooden blocks, different varieties of woods, among which the oak, maple, walnut, pine, lime, and cherry woods are used most commonly to create the best engineered parquet flooring.
  • Multiple layers of woods are joined one above another and finally covered with any hardwood for getting the utmost sturdiness of the engineered parquet flooring. The use of a cold adhesive for joining the wood strips is now proved to be more effective and stable than the application of warm bitumen that was preferred in earlier times. Hence, the house owners can be assured of the high longevity of their floors, which hardly requires any repair or replacement if compared to other wooden floors.
  • Due to the varieties of designs created over a parquet floor, this type of flooring is also termed as mosaic floor and is preferably used as a decorative feature in the entrance way, living room and bedrooms of a house. The woods of different colors are used to form the mosaic patterns or any specific design, making the floors highly attractive for the onlookers.
  • The residents of most of the houses in colder regions prefer the installation of engineered parquet flooring, as the wood is much warmer than the tiles or marbles. Moreover, this type of floors renders the same gorgeous beauty as the other decorative styles of flooring used in rich households. So this flooring is comfortable for stepping with bare feet and also makes the rooms look more stylish. Moreover, these wooden blocks of parquet flooring are perfectly safe with the pipes of the heating system that runs below the entire flooring of the rooms, making those rooms more comfortably warmer in winters.
  • The parquet wooden floor demands much lesser hassle for the regular maintenance, it can be simply cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner or may be wiped with a slightly damp cloth or mop. If any hard stain is noticed on this wooden surface, it is better to use a special wood cleansing agent or may also contact the flooring wood supplier for better suggestions.

The house owners can find a huge range of the engineered parquet flooring varieties in the market and they may buy from luxurious designs to the simple rustic ones, as per their personal tastes. Some sellers also have some matching floor accessories for their customers, which can add to the beauty of these parquet floors while covering the minute gaps visible between the joined wooden strips.

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