Warning Signs That Your Shingle Roof May Have To Be Replaced

Shingle Roof

When the shingles on the roof are weak, they need to be replaced so that the roof can remain strong and protect the house from external elements. However, most homeowners do not know how to judge the state of the roof shingles. Below, we list out a few warning signs that indicate that your shingle roof may need replacement.

  1. Missing Shingles

When the shingles themselves are broken and some are missing, then that is a dead giveaway that your roof is facing major issues. The longer these partial shingles remain on the roof, the greater the risk that water will start entering the roof and weaken its structure.

  1. Old Roof

Typically, a roof is supposed to last for about 25 to 30 years at the max. As such, if your roof is nearing this age, then the shingles will already show signs of weakness and damage. You will have to do a roof replacement very soon since keeping an aged roof over the home will put the entire family at risk.

  1. Buckling

If you see that the shingles have buckled, then that too is a cause of concern. You can easily identify buckled shingles by their wavy distortions. Such distortions usually run vertically to the slope of the roof. The shingles tend to buckle because of poor installation or the old age of the roof.

  1. Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is a red signal that you need to replace it entirely. The shingles will usually be broken in such situations. Some of the shingles will be missing or have deformations on them. You should never neglect a sagging roof. When the roof of my home was sagging, I called up the local roofing companies near me and hired a good service to replace the entire roof. In fact, they actually mentioned that I avoided a disaster by calling them up immediately on seeing a sagging roof.

  1. Clawed/Curled Shingles

SetWhen the roof takes on more heat that it can tolerate, the shingles will look curled or clawed. Eventually, the singles can become very rigid and fragile, with a good chance that they might break easily. You need to replace the roof as soon as possible in such circumstances. Shingles which are curled are also known to be very vulnerable to damage from ice and wind.

  1. Flashing Damage

Over time, the flashings placed in the stacks, valleys, chimneys etc. will suffer from lifting, separation, and so on. The lifting and separation of the flashing normally happen because of its contraction and expansion. And because the flashing has been lifted, water can enter and cause damage to the roof. So, if you see damaged flashings, get it repaired immediately.  

  1. Moss Growth On Shingles

If you see an excessive growth of moss on the shingles, then you need to clear them off since they can cause damage to the shingles. The moss can also lift up the shingles and eventually cause problems to the entire structure of the roof.


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