The Waterfalls cum Picnic Spots in Mussoorie

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There are many spots in Mussoorie that can be considered as picnic spots. Of course, these places are filled with so much of delight and pleasure that you are certainly going to love your experience. The best thing is that you can even have a delightful time amidst the stunning environments and unwind in the company of splashing brooks!

Just think about Mussoorie for your next holiday. Pack your bags and book rooms in the best luxury hotels in mussoorie and you can have a refreshing and fun-filled time in this hill station. Be it with your colleagues, friends, acquaintances or family; these waterfalls cum picnic spots are not going to leave you unsatisfied. Have a look at some of the picnic spots below:

Mossy fall

Mossy Falls is dotted in a copious forest and is one of the chief tourist places in Mussoorie. It is spotted about a distance of nearly seven kilometres from Mussoorie.  The beautiful picturesque sites and peaceful surroundings make the sightseers fall in love with this hospitable spot. So, once you are at this spot, you can enjoy a strip of electrifying natural sites at this place and experience some refreshing and quality moments with your dear ones.  Many families drop in here for their refreshing picnics.

Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls is enclosed with enjoyable mountain ranges and it is one of the limited destinations in Mussoorie that never disheartens its visitors no matter what. The waterfalls are placed at a height of one thousand three hundred sixty four meter and cater the picnic goers plenty of pleasure and tranquillity.  Here you can conveniently snuggle in the ambience of a refreshing breeze, natural charm and harmonious tunes. You must not miss this place if you are looking for a spot for an apt picnic experience.

Jharipani Falls

Nature is something that can make anyone feels charming, fresh and tranquil right away. Well, if you are one of the fervent admirers of natural sites, go ahead and holdJharipani Falls. The place is situated near Mussoorie. It relishes enormous sites and enchanting aura. The trekkers possess a distinct corner for the area spread around these beautiful waterfalls because of its remarkable backdrop. If you are searching for a way to scrub down your worries then you should carry out a picnic adventure here. The place and its elements will leave you revitalized. After all, maybe you possess fancy places in your metro city or gorgeous parks therein, but you cannot match them with the blissful feel of refreshing, charming and aspiringaura of Jharipani Falls. While you are here, make sure that you possess a camera too. The backdrop at this spot can give you some of the best shots of your life.

So, just look for hotel in mussoorie and enjoy a great time with your loved ones. After all, when you work so hard day in and day out; you need a break. You should create some time for family picnics so as to feel the real essence of life.

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