Ways to save when Expanding your Wardrobe



If you’re trying to expand your clothing choices you probably already know how expensive it can get. Skirts, tops, and blazers add up fast, and when you need accessories such as shoes and bags it may seem like an insurmountable goal. Before you pull out your credit card and go into debt trying to have the proper work attire use these tips to expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Check out the best tips

Buy coordinating outfits

When you spot a dress or jacket you love stop and think about what you already own that will also pair up with your new purchase. If you can match the item to accessories you already have you’ll be able to mix and match and extend your looks.

Look for deals

Many major retailers offer coupons and discounts, so look online for specials before you check out your shopping cart in person or online.

Choose classic styles

Sure that trendy new color and style are eye catching, but if it’ll be out of fashion next year you might want to pass it up. When you choose a classic style you’ll be able to wear it for years without looking dated, and that’s what having a great wardrobe is all about!

Add a twist

You can coordinate shoes you already own by adding an embellishment that matches your outfit, or wear a set of earrings that complement your suit. Be creative with your look and you’ll be surprised how much it expands what you wear!

Consider buying used

Consignment stores, resale shops, and online markets all have one thing in common: low prices. Often you can find designer clothing that still has the original tags, just because the owner didn’t get around to returning the item.

Plan ahead

Check out the latest styles when they first hit the stores, but don’t buy them. Instead, make a list of what you’ve found and where you found it, and return towards the end of the shopping season to buy the items on clearance. Often you can save 50 percent or more, just by waiting a couple of months for the store to reset their seasonal wares!

So, what are you waiting for? Go out for shopping or buy online!

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