Web Developer Jobs- An Overview

web developer jobs

A web developer is responsible for designing of the web pages, coding and modifying the websites. They usually take the help from existing layout to function and work according to the client’s specifications. They strive to develop visually attractive websites with user-friendly design and clear navigation added as an extra feature. And if you want to do web developer jobs then this post is just meant for you.

Responsibilities of a web developer

  • They write well designed, efficient codes which are testable with the use of best software development practices.
  • They are responsible for creating layout of websites and user-friendly interface by using standard HTML or CSS practices.
  • They also integrate data from various back-end databases and services.
  • They also develop application testing procedures.
  • They help to implement testing tools which monitor the ongoing performances of the company’s website.

Sectors where they can work

A web developer can work in a variety of sectors. Some of them are as follows:

  • Government sectors
  • NGOs
  • Private sectors

And in some cases, many web developers can also work independently on a contract basis or for website development companies. And in other cases, the web developer job can be done in a telecommuting setting.

Educational qualifications

Bachelor’s degree is must especially in computer science, whereas some candidates can work holding a degree in BCA or MCA or even M.Tech degree. Those candidates with experience are given preference over others.

A web developer must have these skills in addition. The skills are as follows:

  • They build products with the use of HTML or CSS or and many other technologies.
  • They must have experience in building user interfaces and prototypes from designs and wireframes.
  • They must be flexible with the working shifts.
  • They must have knowledge of development, debugging tools for browser issues.
  • Must have experience in Git and Github.
  • They must be proficient in javascript.
  • A great understanding of Object-Oriented Programming adds an extra edge.
  • Must have strong problem solver attitude.

And the list is endless if you want to know more about the jobs you can visit one of the leading job portals to know more about the same.

Salary offered to the web developers is attractive and with experience their salary packages increase. Apart from this, they are also offered great benefits.

How to get jobs?

Prepare your CV at first which is the foremost important thing while looking for a job. And if you are an experienced professional then you need to design your resume with an attractive cover letter as per the requirements of the company where you are applying for the jobs. There are different ways via which you can grab a job in your desired sector. All you need to do is just upload your resume on various job portals. Some of the leading job portals are there which are helping job seekers in getting like web developer jobs, testing engineer jobs, and many more. You can also use another approach to get yourself placed in a company, like classified section of the newspaper and many more.

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