What Is The Pros And Cons Of Personal Loan?

hsbc personal loan

As you know a personal loan can take for various purposes such as home renovation, higher study, remodeling a home, wedding, travel, family holiday, and more.

Everything’s which can provide services for your usage also has cons. What you think, isn’t? The same with a personal loan, let’s find our pros and cons points of this facility.

Pros Of A Personal Loan

  • You can save money
  • Lower payments
  • Better interest-rates
  • Shorten loan length
  • And change loan types

Cons Of A Personal Loan

  • Transaction costs and fees
  • Higher interest if period extends
  • And lost benefits of the previous loan

Is Documentation Matters For A Personal Loan Instant Approval?

Yes, this one is one of the important factors. Although it’s an unsecured loan that’s why to ask for minimal documents. A salaried or self-employed can apply and get attractive interest-rate, amount, with flexible payback timing.

For a salaried individual age should be between 21 to 58 years, minimum work experience one-year and minimum income Rs 20,000 monthly. For self-employed age between 21 to 65 years, minimum work experience should be three years, and minimum income Rs 1 lakhs annually.

With this, you can also show them minimal KYC such as bank statements, recent salary slip, employment proof, signature proof, two passport size photograph, identity proof, address proof, and income proof.

Why For A Personal Loan Can You Choose HSBC Bank?

For your needs, HSBC personal loan can give you services. It’s a reputed bank in the private sector, whose main motive to fulfill your desires. When you can apply for a personal loan with this bank, should check a few details such as interest rate, EMI calculation, or procedure to get instantly.

Being one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world, HSBC is the best bank. So if you are interested to know more about HSBC personal loan advantages, find out below points.

HSBC Personal Loan Interest Rate

Interest rates start from 10.99% to 17.50% with Rs 75,000 to Rs 30 lakhs loan amount for 12 months to 60 months. Processing fee up to 1% of the loan amount and prepayment charges up to 3.75% of the principal outstanding. It’s a necessary thing to know before can take their privileges. Interest rate can decide your choice whether you want to get or not?

HSBC Personal Loan EMI Calculator

EMI calculator is the magical tool and also free to use. This device can help you to tell, how much need to payback of the lender every month. Through this, you need to pay the exact amount.

To use the tool, need to login an online and share a few important details. Provide the loan amount, tenure, and interest-rate. After submission, within a second will get the exact payable amount to the lender.

One more thing should know about the personal loan EMI calculator as we can tell you it’s free to use, that means you can check the result until not satisfied.

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