Wish you a very Happy Navratri

Whataspp status- an expression of the love for Mata Rani


Maag Durga, Maa Ambe is symbolic of everything that is just. She symbolizes love, purity, strength and victory of good over evil.

Maa loves all her children equally without discriminating between them so she also expects the same from you, that you love your fellow beings. You should kill hatred and just be positive about life. Spread love and kindness all over.

We should all eliminate everything, which is negative, and feel positive in life. We should love each other, spread love and be honest with people.

May this blissful festival of navratras bring prosperity in your life.May you days be filled with happiness and gaiety.May you have all that you desire for. May you have that huge heart where you could have the power to love all.

Let us celebrate the victory of good over evil,

The victory of humanity

The victory of justice

The victory of truth

Wish you a very Happy Navratri

  1. On the nine days of Navratri, here are a few things you must do:

Love all,

Be Happy,

Be Calm,

Help Others,

Enjoy Life,

Word Hard,

Respect Elders,

Spend Time With Family

Save The Environment,

Spread a word of love

Spread positivity.

Wish you all a Happy Navratri!

  1. May Maa Durga guide you, protect you, and always be with you in whatever you do.

May you never fall in the wrong path but always tread on to the path of righteousness. A path which might seem to be tough but would ultimately bring you happiness or contentment. A rough and difficult path guides you, tests you, it is a testimony of God. It polishes you to shine best.

May the spirit of love, brotherhood be there in you always.

The spirit of Navratri has immense power. It makes the whole atmosphere lively and vibrant. There is an essence of purity, blissfulness and is surely pious.

The embodiment of love, Maa Durga, does not only shower her blessings during Navratras only, she always blesses her children. During these specific days, she is mentioned specifically as she fought over the devil and brought good over evil.

These nine days also convey you to fight back you bad qualities and you sins and be positive and spread positivity around.

The blessings of the Goddess can be had in whatever form you may like, by sending messages, be keeping it as your Navratri Whatsapp status, by organizing bhajans or kirtans or even by dancing or doing garba in the praise of the Mata Rani.

Exchanging messages through social media channels is amazingly good as you can spread the word of kindness to the maximum number of people and well wishers. The whatsapp status with the image of Goddess or a quote is can mostly be seen.   It is believed that the goddess is showering her blessings constantly.

Having such status is just an expression of the devotees love for their Mata Rani. The whole atmosphere brims with purity, love and blessings of the Goddess.

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