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axis mutual fund

With a view to safeguarding the future amid the potential uncertainties of life, you are planning to invest in a mutual fund, right? At the same time, you are in search of an investment partner that is ideally suited for your needs. Well, you can mull the option of Axis Mutual Fund which has powered many investors to enjoy a dream run through their several equity, debt and hybrid schemes.

These schemes make use of different asset allocations to serve varied investment goals like capital appreciation, income generation as well as both. Not all the funds would suit and therefore, you need to choose according to your financial goals and risk-taking abilities. So, let’s find out Axis Mutual Fund schemes which you should apply for.

Top-performing Axis Equity Funds for All Your Long-term Needs

So if you want to build a massive sum that can help accomplish goals like education, marriage and retirement needs, the following Axis Equity Mutual Funds are waiting for you.

Axis Long Term Equity Fund

Seeking long-term capital appreciation, the fund invests in a portfolio of equity and equity-related instruments of companies with a sustainable business model. Since December 2009, the time when the fund came into the MF space, it has generated a solid 19.12% return for the investors. Even in the recent years, it has repaid the investor trust with significant returns. While a year-long return stands at a high of 28.49%, the three-year figure stays at 12.26%. The net asset value (NAV), right now, is at ₹40.05. In addition, the amount of investor trust, which can be called as an asset under management (AUM) technically, stands at as high as 15,222.85 Cr.

Axis Mid Cap Fund

The scheme aims at long-term capital appreciation from investments in a portfolio of equity and equity-related securities of mid-cap companies. As far as returns are concerned, the fund has posted 19.26% since its inception in 2011. The fund’s 1-year and 3-year returns are 33.41% and 11.30%, respectively. While the fund’s NAV is ₹33.06, its AUM sits at ₹1,273.99 Cr.

Axis Focused 25 Fund

The capital invested here goes into the equities of 25 companies featured among top 200 in terms of market capitalization to serve the purpose of long-term capital appreciation. Since making its entry in 2012, the fund has been winning the confidence of investors by providing a return of 18.66% over a five-year period. The last two years have been nothing short of a dream for investors parking their money in this fund which has yielded a return of 35.86% in a year and 20.85% in two years. The NAV of the fund, currently, sits at ₹25.31. On the other hand, the investors have pumped in ₹2,212.62 Cr so far in the fund.

Fixed Income Seeker? Choose from These Axis Debt Funds

If you want to generate a stable flow of income from your investments, the Axis Debt Mutual Funds could well be the ones you should apply for. These funds invest in debt and money-market instruments to generate regular income for the investors. Let’s read their performance, asset allocation and other details below.

Axis Regular Savings Fund

By investing in a portfolio of debt and money-market instruments, the fund offers optimal returns along with enhanced liquidity. Since founded in 2012, the fund has given a return of 9.36%. The 2-year and 3-year returns are similar with 9.55% and 9.20%, respectively. While the fund is managing assets worth ₹1,072.43 Cr, it is getting traded at an NAV of ₹16.62.

Axis Fixed Income Opportunities Fund

With an investment in debt and money-market instruments across the yield curve and credit spectrum, the fund looks to generate a stable flow of income. With a little over 3 years since its inception, the fund has provided a return of 9.11%. Its last two and three-year returns are also good with 8.38% and 8.57%, respectively. The fund’s NAV and AUM are ₹13.43 and ₹1,931.03 Cr, respectively.

Axis Dynamic Bond Fund

Keeping your money in a wide range of debt and money-market securities, the fund seeks to yield optimal returns while ensuring liquidity on the investments. Having made its debut in 2011, the debt fund has helped investors generate a return of 8.78% since then. On the other hand, its 2-year and 3-year returns stand well with 8.38% and 8.40%, respectively.

Note – The NAV and AUM of the funds are applicable till December 1, 2017. These will change daily.

Axis Mutual Fund NAV

The NAV of a fund keeps changing on a daily basis depending on the volume of trading. Actually, it is calculated by the following formula.

NAV = Assets – Liabilities / Number of Outstanding Units

The assets include the market value of securities such as stocks, bonds, and cash. On the other hand, accrued expenses, registrar fee, distributor commission, fund management fee form the part of liabilities.

Axis Mutual Fund Common Application Form

Want to apply? Come online and download the common application form by visiting the official website of Axis Mutual Fund. Fill in the personal and professional details before submitting the form at any of the Axis MF branches. Subsequent to the successful verification, you will be allotted a distinct folio number to invest in mutual funds.


Disclaimer- Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.



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