You won’t believe what happened to my oily skin after using sulfur

You won't believe what happened to my oily skin after using sulfur

The funky smelling natural ingredient that has taken the world by storm is sulfur.  It kind of smell like rotten eggs. Skincare these days has taken a different turn. People are turning to concentrated ingredients to see the work on the face. Following this trend, I added sulfur in my skincare to see if the trend is worth it or not. My Skin is oily and acne-prone that happens to be the best-suited skin for sulfur. Here are some noticeable things that sulfur did to my skin.

It unclogged my congested pores:

Pollution, smoke, and dust are everywhere these days. The way these things attack our skin is terrible. We cannot but go out in this situation. It results in bacteria forming in the skin. The unclean particles in the skin make congestion. It does not let the skin breath. Using a sulfur clay mask has cleaned up everything and made my oily face fresh and oil free. I tried this only once a week for deep cleansing. Redness in the skin can cause because of bacteria that is irritating the skin. So I saw that my skin got rid of a little bit redness by using it.

It is a great exfoliator:

Exfoliation is a must for skin care. Whether you have any problem or not exfoliating is a must. Our skin produces new skin cells, and dry dead skin cells get caught in the upper layer of the skin. If we do not exfoliate regularly once in a three day, then it causes skin problem. Exfoliation with sulfur has left my skin supple soft. It did not do much for my redness but as it is a necessary step for skin care I did it. But first, know is sulfur good for your skin from the dermatologist.

It calmed down my redness:

Rosacea is the skin condition which is known as redness in the face. Rosacea is a skin problem that mainly occurs because of bacteria in the face. Sulfur is well known for killing bacteria and did a pretty good job doing so. Like the bacteria, there was gone I had almost no redness in my face. Sulfur also helped to reduce the inflammation in the skin. You can use any cream that contains sulfur to get help. But for sensitive skin people they should search about is sulfur good for your skin or not.

It is anti-aging:

Apart from the curing redness sulfur is another excellent ingredient for anti-aging treatment. It is essential for boosting collagen production. Harmful bacteria that forms in the skin accelerated skin aging. As the sulfur is already is excellent for killing bacteria it does the job of killing bacteria and anti-aging together. As we get rid of bacteria, it prevents the damage of skin aging. There is a sulfur sleeping mask which will help tremendously. The mask works as you are sleeping. All the goodness gets absorbed slowly and does the job perfectly.

Spot treatment for acne:

Some people have allergies from benzoyl peroxide. Then you might give sulfur a try. Acne spot treatment is the best thing that describes sulfur. Sulfur is the best on the skin as it is not that strong. It kills the bacteria that are living in the acne. The particles of dust and sebum mix up together and make a pimple pop. The pollution trapped under the skin is cleaned by sulfur. So using a sulfur-based spot treatment has stopped irritating acne on my face. As the irritation stopped the rosacea that was disturbing me also went away.


Sulfur has worked on my skin. It gave my skin a better condition without redness and pimple. But not everything works on everyone. Try to know what the right thing is for you. By taking a patch test, you can do this pretty easily.

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